Product Features (Windows 7/Vista Ready)

AccPro Singapore (AccPro Computer Systems Pte Ltd)

Supported operating systems:
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000.

Hardware requirements:
RAM 1024 mb, disk space 100 mb, screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher.

"...Comprehensive and yet easy to use..."
"...Better, Faster and Higher Performance..."

ssphere_o.gif Reliability & Stability
ssphere_o.gif Data Backup Utility
ssphere_o.gif Data Integrity Expert
ssphere_o.gif Data Reconsolidation

Better Security Control & Reminder
ssphere_o.gif Password Protection
ssphere_o.gif Multiple Access Right Control
ssphere_o.gif Credit Limit
ssphere_o.gif Period Locking

Ease of Use and Learning
ssphere_o.gif User-friendly source document entry form
ssphere_o.gif No accounting or bookeeping knowledge required
ssphere_o.gif Ready to use Chart of Accounts
ssphere_o.gif No month end closing
ssphere_o.gif Extensive on-screen help
ssphere_o.gif Easy to correct data entry error
ssphere_o.gif Total real-time integration
ssphere_o.gif Clear & precise command center
ssphere_o.gif Handle partial / full payments

Flexibility & Speed
ssphere_o.gif Full on-line printing
ssphere_o.gif One step easy data entry
ssphere_o.gif Data Diagnostics
ssphere_o.gif Recalculating Capabilities
ssphere_o.gif Printing of reports anytime/any day
ssphere_o.gif Multi-currency
ssphere_o.gif Scalable

AAP R/4(R) links your business directly to the internet. With this feature, you have the flexibility in sending documents such as purchase orders and invoices via e-mail. It is faster, cheaper and more productive. You can also provide better customer service now because AAP R/4(R) tracks shipments and deliveries effectively.

In order to make informed decisions, it is imperative to have accurate information within reports. We have included a two-step wizard that refreshes and improves your reporting database so that the Word and Excel reports you need are as current as your last entry.


AAP R/4(R) has strong security control. For example : Password Protection , Multiple Access Right Control, Credit Limit Definition*, Financial Period Locking.

Stay ahead of your competitors with immediate posting of all transactions. Get up-to-date financial & stock reports. And don't worry if amendment is a hassle, simply change the entries and everything will be taken care of; all related documents are automatically updated with the changes. Such realtime features will tremendously improve work productivity and help to save administrative costs. This will increase your competitive advantage for your business.

The entire system is designed to be 'ONE FOR ALL', as one integrated solution there is no such thing as AR Module, AP Module, IC Module, GL Module, etcs. All postings are fully 'REAL-TIME'. You may print or view the Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Sales, Purchase or Stock any day, any month, any year , no restoration of old data is required at all. With Data Diagnostic & Recalculate capability there should be no worries about losing your data. AAP R/4(R) incorporates self-diagnostic capabilities and recalculates all documents in the event of data entry error made by end-user.

ssphere_o.gif Pentium II System - 166mHz & above
ssphere_o.gif 128 MB RAM
ssphere_o.gif 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive
ssphere_o.gif 100MegaBytes Free HardDisk Space
ssphere_o.gif 14" Colour Monitor
ssphere_o.gif 104 English Keyboard

WINDOWS 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

ssphere_o.gif If you have not computerised.If you are looking for a total solution.
ssphere_o.gif If your existing system can no longer accomodate the company growth or meet your requirement.
ssphere_o.gif If you require customization.
ssphere_o.gif If you are looking for local developed software to support you locally (Singapore Only).
ssphere_o.gif If you are too busy with your business and no time to keep your accounting books in order.
ssphere_o.gif If you want your business to stay ahead of your competitors.

Customer Transactions
ssphere_o.gif Quotations
ssphere_o.gif Sales Orders
ssphere_o.gif Customer Invoices/Orders
ssphere_o.gif Customer Credit Notes
ssphere_o.gif Customer Debit Notes
ssphere_o.gif Customer Receipts
Supplier Transactions
ssphere_o.gif Purchase Orders
ssphere_o.gif Supplier Delivery Orders
ssphere_o.gif Supplier Invoices
ssphere_o.gif Supplier Credit Notes
ssphere_o.gif Supplier Debit Notes
ssphere_o.gif Supplier Payments


Stocks & Invoices
ssphere_o.gif Stock Adjustments
ssphere_o.gif Supplier Delivery Orders
ssphere_o.gif Term Maintenance
ssphere_o.gif Print Credit/Debit Notes
ssphere_o.gif Print Invoices
ssphere_o.gif Print Stock Cards

Accounts Payables
ssphere_o.gif Creditor Maintenance
ssphere_o.gif Bill Entry
ssphere_o.gif Pay Bills
ssphere_o.gif Creditor Credit Note Entry
ssphere_o.gif Creditor Debit Note Entry
ssphere_o.gif Print A/P Bill List
ssphere_o.gif Print Unpaid Bills List
ssphere_o.gif Print Creditor List
ssphere_o.gif Print Creditor Label
ssphere_o.gif Print Creditor Control Report

Accounts Receivables
ssphere_o.gif Debtor Maintenance
ssphere_o.gif Invoice/Order Entry
ssphere_o.gif Receive Payments
ssphere_o.gif Credit Note Entry
ssphere_o.gif Debit Note Entry
ssphere_o.gif Print Sales Report
ssphere_o.gif Print Debtor List
ssphere_o.gif Print Debtor Label
ssphere_o.gif Print Debtor Statement
ssphere_o.gif Print Debtor Ageing

ssphere_o.gif User Validation
ssphere_o.gif Program Access Valilation

Bank/Cash Book
ssphere_o.gif Bank Book
ssphere_o.gif Bank Reconsolidation
ssphere_o.gif Cash Book


Monthly Reports
ssphere_o.gif Statement of Accounts
ssphere_o.gif Customer Ageing Report
ssphere_o.gif Remittance Advice
ssphere_o.gif Supplier Ageing Report
ssphere_o.gif Ledger Listing

Financial Reports
ssphere_o.gif Trial Balance
ssphere_o.gif Profit & Loss Statement
ssphere_o.gif Balance Sheet
General Journals
ssphere_o.gif General Journals
ssphere_o.gif General Ledgers

More Reports
ssphere_o.gif Inventory Adjustments
ssphere_o.gif Payment Transactions
ssphere_o.gif Sales Transactions
ssphere_o.gif Purchase Transactions
ssphere_o.gif Receipts Transactions
ssphere_o.gif Chart of Accounts
ssphere_o.gif Accounts Groups
ssphere_o.gif Price Lists
ssphere_o.gif Export to PDF Format
ssphere_o.gif Reports can be emailed

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